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Hi I'm Christina, 16 years old and from Germany. This is my Rhett & Link blog. I ship Rhink and love to draw. So I guess you can expect a few Rhink drawings from me ;D (main-blog: hanniballectersan)
Anonymous asked:
Thanks! You're the best! c: ~Catie

My pleasure :D.

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I don't remember which blog I told this, but I'm writing a Rhink fic called "My Mythical Worst". Now, since the community is pretty helpful, I was wondering I could get some assistance? I'm going to be making a promotional video, like a trailer, for the story, and need pictures of Rhett and Link as individuals, and them together. Could I get some help with this? The email where pictures would be sent if you agreed is thosebandimagines@gmail(.)com. Please and thank you for your time :) ~Catie

Sure :D I’m going to send you some pictures soon.

Anonymous asked:
Just realized we're almost near the 500th episode, yaasss bish yaaass! ~ Jacqi

Yeah I’m so excited :D. I really want to know what they are planning for this episode.




*Confused Link Noises*

I can just imagine him turning around and saying something along the lines of “rhett, I’m talking to you… Are you listening to me? We’re working! I better not be in that selfie…”

First: *Sigh* “Rhett, nobody wants to see your shirt, wa- am I in that picture?”

Second: “The fuck is that, why are you taking a picture of it? … Am I in the picture again?”

Third: “Rhett a letter came for you- are you taking another goddamn picture???”

A lot of touching in this week’s vacaygonecraycray (x)


- GMM 495 - Vacaygonecraycray

I didn’t expect that but I’m glad it happened.

Anonymous asked:
Can you gif 6:35 in today's gmm where rhett (pretends) to faint? I died laughing (btw my bad if you didn't watch the whole episode yet) ~ Jacqi

I just finished it :D. Brb with the gif.

"once you said cantaloupe, i’m out!"

It really warms my heart to see them laugh like that.

"once you said cantaloupe, i’m out!"

It really warms my heart to see them laugh like that.