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Hi I'm Christina, 16 years old and from Germany. This is my Rhett & Link blog. I ship Rhink and love to draw. So I guess you can expect a few Rhink drawings from me ;D (main-blog: hanniballectersan)
Anonymous asked:
I just wanted to say, not that I want you to gif it or anything but on today's episode, the Carolina Reaper Challenge, at 7:43 and 10:53 was so cute to me! Link was like, "I need to stop you but give us comfort and hugs." Sooo cuuuute! 😊

It was very cute :D. I can’t even imagine in how much pain they were but if two people go through something like this they have to comfort each other. But I still don’t want them to do it again even though there were some very cute moments in this episode. :D.

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I took the sped-up parts of the carolina reaper video and edited them to make them intelligible. Audio you would have never heard before, brought to you by the one and only eta <3

P.S. you’ll probably want to turn your volume up a bit, some of the clips turned out super quiet for some reason.



"Don’t leave me alone in this, man." [x]

Anonymous asked:
Update: it's already on Emily's page, I wrote a a part two but em's probably asleep ATM ^_^ ~ Jacqi

Ok I’ve read it :D. Now I need part 2.

Anonymous asked:
Hey Chrissy, I'm currently doing mini fics on Emily's page in asks, i just finish writting the first part of it, it should appear on Emily's page soon in an answer of my ask, ^_^ it's my first time writting an fic, how about I call it "butterflies"? It's the title of my favorite michael jackson song ^_^ whom the fic is about ^_^ ~ Jacqi

That sounds great. Have to read it when it’s out :D.

Anonymous asked:
SHIT you're an incredible artist

*-* thank you so much. I’m currently working on another rhink drawing. I really try to get it finished this week :D.

Anonymous asked:
I'm not sure how or if I can reply, but I want to say that I am the one who asked why I love Link so much (or the last person to ask so far) and you're right! He totally doesn't act his age which gives some illusion of him seeming like a teen or even a kid, so that is definitely why I love him. Thank you! 😊

You’re welcome :D. I’m pretty sure that’s why we all love him.